Hi, my name is Levi. Welcome to my shop!

One day I asked my mum to buy me a reading ruler that I tried at school but we couldn't find the colour I wanted anywhere. So, I asked my mum if we could set up a business and sell them to help other kids that might find them helpful.

I've always had trouble reading and I found out I had dyslexia when I was in grade 2. I started this business when I was in grade 4, but now I'm in grade 7 and have found reading rulers to be really helpful. They also help my younger brother too with his reading.

I hope these help you too.


A case for your Rulers

I'm really excited to show you my reading ruler cases. They come free with every BUNDLE order.

You can buy them on their own though for $2.

A Note From My Mum!

For kids with learning differences, such as dyslexia, learning and school in general is incredibly hard. Harder in many more ways than I could ever have understood.

When Levi came to me and asked if he could start a business a week before his 9th birthday, I don't think I realised how serious he actually was. A little excited spark would appear in his eyes when he would talk about it.

Six months later, bit by bit, month by month...slowly he did it!

Together we've researched products and suppliers; he came up with the name, and then he bought the domain; he's paid for the stock with his savings, he's created a budget and come up with the prices; he's taken photos on my iphone and edited them; he's designed his logo and worked out his colour palette; and I then showed him how to set up a basic website, where he uploaded the products, the banners and wrote the text and titles via voice-to-text and copied them into the product pages. Every single element of this website and the products listed has been done by Levi (under my guidance and mentorship).

I couldn't be more proud!

Here's a kid who struggles in so many areas, he needs to work 10 times harder than his peers, he get's frustrated and fatigued so easily. Yet, here he is, with his own little online business at 9 years old.

So to every parent who is navigating this incredibly difficult road of learning differences/difficulties/disabilities (whatever you choose to call it). Firstly, you're amazing! Secondly, our kids might be the square pegs in the round holes, but they certainly have superpowers and once we figure those powers out, we then need to guide and nurture them so their confidence shines. We all know it's not an easy road ahead but we've got this! All the tears and struggle will be worth it.

And to quote someone else who struggled at school: "Dyslexia is a kind of disability, but actually it's an opportunity". Richard Branson