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mini rainbow reading ruler single colour - 5 pack

mini rainbow reading ruler single colour - 5 pack

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The mini rainbow reading rulers are a very helpful when you only want to see one line instead of a whole page.  They are helpful when you need help with reading 1 line and may also get rid of the other lines beside so you can see what you are reading better.

Size: 19cm long x 3cm wide


you get 5 individual reading rulers of the same colour in a read ruler case

perfect if you know what colour is best for you


**NOTE FROM MY MUM** Coloured reading rulers are not backed by evidence based research (as far as we know).  Levi is selling them as they have helped him with focus, tracking and clarity (his non-dyslexic younger brother also finds them helpful).  They are a reading 'tool'.  We can not claim that they will help everyone that tries them or that they will magically make kids read fluently or even better.


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